How I Work

Three main elements enter into my work with clients: mindful awareness, deep listening and dialogue along with unconditional acceptance of what is present right now. 

Depending on the scope and complexity of your concerns, we might begin with and in-depth exploration of what has led you to seek my services, as well as what you hope to accomplish with my help. We also take an honest look at the patterns of thinking and behavior that are contributing to your current predicament. At the same time, I will be interested in your strengths and resources as well as in your hopes and fears. Throughout the process, I invite your active involvement – without pressuring you to disclose any more than you feel comfortable sharing at a given moment. 


More than one approach could be appropriate in dealing with a given issue, and I may suggest one or more tools including, but not limited to, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and related Energy Psychology interventions. Thus, you may find me borrowing, with your permission, from guided imagery and visualization, breathing and relaxation, body-centered exploration, EMDR-based resourcing or Expressive Arts and use of Sandtray as ways to bring about transformation. 

Even though generally regarded as separate professional disciplines, psychotherapy, counseling and coaching show areas of overlap. My training and experience in providing psychotherapy deeply informs my work, yet I’m careful not to step into territory normally reserved for locally licensed psychotherapists. If you could benefit from interventions other than those in my toolbox or need the help of a licensed psychotherapist or other health professional, I will support you in doing so.