What I Offer

I work with women and men who seek relief from fear, anger or emotional pain that compromise their health and wellbeing. I also work with individuals who wish to let go of unresolved issues from the past and rediscover their capacity for inner peace as well as genuine aliveness in the present. I offer competent, compassionate and respectful guidance to those seeking help in navigating a difficult period in their life or in clearing away obstacles to accomplishing important personal or professional goals.


I bring to my work a long-standing dedication to personal growth and a daily spiritual practice along with a deep respect for the psyche’s innate wisdom and capacity for restoring wholeness.

You are open to seeing me combine Western psychological perspectives with elements drawn from Eastern spiritual or healing traditions. My goal is to support profound transformation for my clients, but I am equally open to help you resolve concrete issues. I offer my services in English, German and Swiss German face-to-face in the Basel area or long-distance by phone, Skype or Zoom.

Some of the concerns that clients bring to my practice:

  • Recurrent or pervasive stress and anxiety

  • 'Unfinished business' such as a painful loss or betrayal

  • Low self-esteem and fear of failure

  • Learning blocks and test anxiety

  • Frequent flare-ups and other blocks to healthy communication

  • Culture shock after relocation

  • Existential concerns or spiritual crisis and disillusionment